i hate arts and crafts


Anonymous: I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I want to paint you green and myself purple and have raw, sweaty sex. Just fuck until the paint sweats away

i dont even want to see that movie yr gross bye

Anonymous: i am a short girl who is apparently considered a "small fat" and i am tejano and my hair is super curly and i only have like three friends and really just ily

yeah wassup bae

im on my lunch break rn i came home to find my phone so i could listen to music at work later but i cant find it ha ha smh kool

Anonymous: some trans people have dicks but don't identify as boys and its hurtful

i know like i know what you were saying but 

Anonymous: lmao you're fucking amazing, dude. I hope you n your band are famous one day

omg tysm that would be way cool because we are all so great we deserve that fr