Anonymous: idk if ur still doing the advice thing but there's this guy I had a huge thing for, for two years. We both liked each other but lost contact until like three months ago when he messaged me. We started talking and being rlly cute and I thought we were gonna go out but then I found out he sexted another girl and ever since that happened he got rlly distant. He told my friend he just wants to be friends with me now, but hasn't told me anything& keeps messaging me. Should I tell him to fuck off(??)

there are sooo many unnecessary people involved in this You need to go back to the basics and ask him what’s up, if he seems like he genuinely likes you, ask him, don’t fret too much on other people and what they’re telling you, you gotta hear it from the source, friend. 

Anonymous: So like there is this guy I like and we flirt with each other but I'm not sure if he thinks we're just playing around because I am not but I dunno if he knows that. But also he wants to FaceTime me like every night and when we hang up he say "alright just text me okay?" Every time!!! Your thoughts???

you guys are flirting, for real, that’s all flirting is, just messing around until finally someone makes a real move. He’s interested dude, truly.

ademiscool: Hey how do you guys write your songs for dude girl? I'm In a band and I have so much trouble writing songs for just coming up with melodys and basically just what to write about. Thanks.

when I write songs for the band, I just come up with lyrics- usually random shit that I’m feeling and certain things that happened that translates well into words, that’s it. When Demi write’s songs, she does the whole thing, lyrics and melodies and she’s awesome at coming up with chord progressions, they come to her easily, she knows what sounds good. When Daniel write’s songs, he thinks of the story he wants to tell, the feeling he wants to convey, and he just picks out words that help illustrate that story or feelings- he uses whatever sounds good as far as melodies. He likes when the melody contrasts the message.

Basically, write what you feel and play what sounds good. Best of luck pallie!!

Anonymous: that ""a girl sucked my dick and never talked to me ever again"" anon - I totes did that one time. Afterwards I was like ok that was alright, dick is grt, but there was nothing in it for me in return so I bounced. kinda like ok I now realize yer basic, but you're welcome and bye

amazing, thank u. r2r



We need to assassinate Katy Perry.

Trainspotting by Manel Cluny


Anonymous: Dude remember when u had greenish hair dang u rocked it a lot but u are also rocking your current hair as well the point is I appreciate u you are mad cute dude

YEAH so sad about my hair it was really perfect but i dyed it black to get a job and never even got a job so here we are now omfg. THANK YOU BAE I APPRECIATE IT A LOT