do any of u guys take celexa ?

mebloodyvalentine: are you going to beach goth

no kill me please


if u aint got a tagged/me i dont have tagged/time

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Wes Lang
Anonymous: ok so my mom got some oxys to take for pain and i've kinda been thinking about taking some to get high but idk if I should :( help

if she doesn’t have a lot, don’t do it, you could easily get caught up. if you don’t do drugs that often just be careful and only take a couple. i’ll try anything once and I think people should be more down so I would say yes, but that’s just me so like idk. tbh only do it if you know you won’t get caught.

not-rick1127: can we b frens

yeah of course

Anonymous: chamber of reflection by mac demarco is a great song to cry too btw

mmm that song is on like all of my playlists lately. banger. 

Anonymous: hey im the 14 year old with the shit friends (you replied to my ask like last week or something) and i just really wanna say thanks. I'm sure i kinda knew in the back of my head i needed to like go to school and make new buds ._. so I'm going to my first day of high school in a few days. thanks so so much ily you are the best

wow this is so great to hear!!! I’m glad I helped you a lil bit, I hope you have a great year, it’ll suck at first but it gets easier and less shitty. much love pal.